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Welcome to “A Faster 5K”, your ultimate destination for all things related to improving your 5K time. Founded by passionate runners, our mission is to empower every individual, from beginners taking their first stride to seasoned racers, with the knowledge, tools, and inspiration needed to hit their next personal record.

We believe that with the right training, mindset, and support, anyone can unlock their true running potential. Here, you’ll discover evidence-based training techniques, nutrition strategies to fuel your pace, essential gear reviews, and the motivation to keep you hitting the pavement, trail, or track. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to provide you with the latest research, trends, and insights in the world of 5K racing.

Join us on this journey and redefine your limits. With “A Faster 5K” by your side, your best run is just around the corner.

Meet Coach Darrin

Darrin DeTorres

Darrin DeTorres is a local business owner and youth running coach in Ocala, FL. After graduating from Vanguard High School in 2006, he attended Embry Riddle Aeronautical on a running scholarship where he competed until suffering a career-ending injury. He went on to earn his Bachelor’s in Communication from the University of North Florida.

Darrin has stayed involved in the sport of running in various capacities. As a college student, he worked at Jacksonville Running Company managing their high school outreach program. After graduating, he was the head meet announcer for the FHSAA state championships and the ASUN Conference Championships. He also served as an assistant announcer at the NCAA National Championships.

In 2012, Darrin returned to his hometown of Ocala where he began coaching at his former high school. As an assistant coach, he has helped produce multiple state champion runners and Division 1 athletes. He also founded and coaches the Ocala Distance Project, a youth running team that has achieved great success at the elementary and middle school levels.

When not coaching, Darrin owns a print shop creating t-shirts and organizes local 5K races in the community. He lives in Ocala with his family. With personal bests of 16:38 in the 5K and 4:41 in the mile, Darrin brings his experience as an elite high school and collegiate runner to coaching youth runners in his community. A Faster 5k was created to help introduce older runners to the training techniques that have made his high school and youth runners so successful.

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